“Breathing Bubbles”

Age Range:            5 – 10 years
Format:                  iPad, iPhone (requires iOS 8.0 or later) and Ipod touch
Cost:                        Free

Breathing Bubbles App

Emotional wellbeing is critical for healthy development in young children. Breathing Bubbles is an app that helps kids practice releasing worries and focus on good feelings.

Breathing Bubbles helps children identify how they feel and asks them to decide whether that emotion is helping or hurting them. Use Breathing Bubbles in a one-on-one situation when a specific student needs a moment to express their worry or joy in order to refocus their attention on learning. Teachers might also use Breathing Bubbles in conjunction with a more traditional mindfulness practice: Have each student type a joy or worry and, as students are breathing with the app and watching the bubble, speak positive narratives and self-talk.

The app teaches children to:

  • Identify and label their immediate feeling (happy, sad, worried or angry)
  • Identify how strongly they are experiencing that feeling
  • Choose whether to release a worry or receive a joy
  • Use breathing techniques to manage their immediate emotion

Find the app here (for Apple) or here (for Android).


For more information on getting the most out of this app, speak to your child’s psychologist.

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