Calling all Secret Agents!
Does your child love computer games? Do they love secret missions? Do they have a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, or have difficulty with social and emotional skills? Then your mission is to join the Secret Agent Society!

Tell me more about the Secret Agent Society!

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) is small group program for children aged 8-12. When you enrol, you gain access to an animated ‘secret agent’ computer game. As a result, children remain highly engaged with the program.

Each week, your child comes along to a group session and learns with their peers. We focus on developing social and emotional skills. There are also several ‘parent only’ sessions throughout the program, which gives you practical advice on how to best support your child. In addition, SAS provides home and school ‘missions’, to help generalise your child’s skills.

SAS was developed in Australia. Noteably, the social and emotional skills of children enrolled have been shown to improve.

We target a range of skills in SAS, including:

  • Recognising and regulating emotions;
  • Conversation skills;
  • Play skills;
  • Social problem solving;
  • Managing change; and
  • How to respond to bullying.

Want to know more? Check out the official SAS website: https://www.sst-institute.net

Sounds great! Where can I sign up?

We are so excited to be offering the Secret Agent Society Small Group Program at Learning Curve Psychology!

Please call us (9768 9990) or email setforlife@lcpsych.com.au for more information.


One Response to Secret Agent Society – your mission!

  1. Great summary Learning Curve Psychology.

    I’m sure your cadets will have an awesome time learning the skill of minding reading and making friends!

    From Secret Agent Society Head Quarters

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