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Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

For further information and support services for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, check out the websites below:

Amaze (Formerly Autism Council of Victoria)
Department of Social Services (DSS)
Casey Aspergers Syndrome Support Group
Playgroups for children with autism
Positive Partnerships
Statewide Autistic Services
Therapy Connect
Tony Attwood

Learning Difficulties
For further information and support services for those with learning difficulties, check out the websites below:

Dyslexia Australia
Learning Difficulties Australia
Psych 4 Schools
SPELD Victoria

Mental Health
For further information and support services for those with mental health concerns, check out the websites below:

ADHD support group Narre Warren
Australian Psychological Society
Beyond Blue
Department of Health and Ageing
Kids Helpline
Kids Matter
Raising Children Network


HCWA Resources

35% of your HCWA funding can be used to purchase resources and equipment for therapy. Many of our clients have found the following websites to be useful for finding resources. Please note, you can only utilise funding for resources that your psychologist approves as integral to your child’s therapy plan and goals.

Explore and Learn Toddler
Kinder Play
Bilby Special Needs Resources

The Book Depository
People Making
Sue Larkey
My Diffabiity
Time Timer
Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies
Mighty Minds
Therapy Tools
Books About Me

Autism Apps
Touch Autism


Using HCWA Funding to Purchase Resources

  1. What types of resources can be purchased with HCWA funds?
    Resources that have been assessed by a registered service provider as being integral to the child’s therapy can be purchased with early intervention funding. The resource must support the child’s Individual Learning Plan (prepared at the initial consultation and reviewed every six sessions).
  2. Who determines what resources are appropriate for a child?
    A service provider such as your child’s psychologist is responsible for making a professional assessment of whether or not a particular resource is integral to the child’s therapy.
  3. Who can purchase a resource?
    At Learning Curve Psychology, approved resources are purchased by the child’s family. A receipt of that purchase must be provided to Learning Curve Psychology who will then reimburse the family. There is a three week waiting period from when you submit the claim and when you will receive the funds back into your nominated bank account. The family must sign the Service Delivery Record and complete the Resource Claim Form before the reimbursement will be processed.
  4. Is there a fee to claim a resource?
    Learning Curve Psychology charges a fee of $20 to process a resource claim due to the administration work involved in processing the request. This fee can be paid out of pocket or incorporated into the claim to be paid by the Department.
  5. How much early intervention funding can be used to purchase resources?
    Up to 35 per cent of a child’s early intervention funding may be used to purchase resources, to a maximum of $2,100 per financial year, or $4,200 in total. Claims for reimbursement that exceed this limit must not be submitted.
  6. How do I claim for funding for the purchase of a resource?
    After obtaining approval from your child’s psychologist, you may proceed with the purchase of the resource (out-of-pocket). You must then provide Learning Curve Psychology with a copy of the receipt/tax invoice, fill in the Resource Claim Form and sign the Service Delivery Record.
  7. Who do I contact for further information about resource guidelines?
    Please direct questions to your psychologist regarding specific resources and whether they are appropriate for your child. Further information may also be obtained from early.intervention@dss.gov.au or by phoning the Early Intervention Helpdesk on 1800 778 581.

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