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Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and Therapy


Counselling helps your child explore, discuss and manage important emotional, social and educational issues.  Our experienced psychologists listen carefully to concerns expressed and teach children strategies to effectively understand and express their feelings. We offer counselling based on individual needs, incorporating information provided by parents, other professionals and the child. Individual sessions are planned carefully to ensure your child receives the help and care they require, while supporting their emotional development and equipping them with specific strategies to develop confidence, resilience and overall functioning.


Therapy provides focussed, evidence based interventions to address specific developmental needs. Individualised plans are utilised to ensure your child continues to work towards achieving their goals, both in session and at home. We provide therapy services for children from early childhood to adolescence. Our experienced psychologists use observations of the child, together with information provided by parents and teachers to devise Individual Therapy Plans (ITP). Targeted, evidence-based interventions are then implemented to address the developmental needs of young people and achieve therapy goals.

Parent/Family Support

Parent/family support is also available to develop insight and awareness into the way a child views the world around them.  Parents can then learn a range of strategies to manage their child’s individual needs. We offer counselling based on your family’s dynamics and values, incorporating your needs within the family unit as well as information provided by other professionals and your child. Each session is carefully planned to ensure your child receives the support they require, whilst equipping both you and your child with specific strategies to handle issues within the home environment. If required we can also liaise with your child’s educator or conduct visits within the kindergarten or school environment. Parents are encouraged to complete suggested activities at home, to assist in developing and generalising skill development. All counselling and therapy sessions can be self-referred.

If you feel your child may need some assistance in dealing with a particular situation or for more general support, please call us on (03) 9768 9990 to make an appointment. For information on fees and rebates, click here.


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